In Costa Rica has one of the best literacy rates in the world with 96% of the population able to read and write and education since 1870 is compulsory and free up to 14 years.

The school system is divided into primary from 6 years to 12 years, secondary to another 5 years and the possibility of two more years of bachillerato to be inscribed in a foreign university and the school year starts from February until November. The public system is present everywhere but in some place don’t offers all services with obsolete structure and lack of equipment, especially in some rural areas, although in recent years has made rapid progress.

Private schools, highly preferred and recommended to foreigners, are highly equipped with bilingual education, recreational sports, special classrooms, customized courses and usually offer a shuttle bus service and lunch. Prices fluctuate depending on the institution on the $ 300 – $ 500 monthly.

In the city are excellent and economic universities with all the various specializations suited to its needs and of course the courses and texts are in Spanish, so it is required a good knowledge of both spoken and written.

Renowned worldwide and is highly selective University Earth (Escuela de Agricultura de la Región Tropical Húmeda) that offers an undergraduate degree in agricultural sciences.

For university studies is advisable to reside in the capital, San Jose, where are the major universities.

Widespread private schools in Spanish and English language where the boys join the courses of study with fun and holiday.

In particular for the area of ​​Tamarindo there is the center “Educarte” that offers bilingual service pre-kindergarten, pre-school, primary and secondary or highly recognized “Flamingo La Paz Comunity School”.

A useful site of the “Ministerio de Educación Publica” with information with the public school system and location of the facilities.

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