Documents: Valid passport, no visa required, maximum stay 90 days;

Time zone: UTC-6 Central America;

Language: Spanish official language, widely-used English;

Currency: In Costa Rica there's a dual currency, the Colon national or American Dollars, inadvisable is Euro accepted only in the Bank, spread everywhere major credit cards;

Phone: 00506 country code, you can buy a cell phone number showing your passport for a few dollars, very cheap local calls, to call abroad we recommend prepaid cards;

Internet: fixed and mobile coverage in most of the territory, many cyber cafes everywhere;

Food: Costa Rica does not boast many local dishes, the national dish is the “Casado” rice and beans accompanied by fish, meat or chicken, and a Ticos can not miss at breakfast the Gallo Pinto (rice and beans sauteed with onion, sweet pepper and a few other ingredients), with regard to the products available there is a wide range of fruits and vegetables various types of meat and fish, all fresh and cheap, and available in big supermarkets there are foods from all around the world, the food here is not a problem there really is a wide range of excellent products;

Transport: public transport can reach the whole territory at low prices, but in a long time, and also a vast network of microbus that reach the main tourist areas, very convenient and fast to rely on domestic flights, or you can chose between many "Rent a car";

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