Mal País

Located at the extreme south of the Nicoya Peninsula and it is a small fishing village that borders on the south by the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve while to the north it merges with Santa Teresa where you can find shops and tourist infrastructures. While in recent years Santa Teresa has had a huge development, Mal Pais has retained its quiet atmosphere with natural areas intact.

The coast of Mal Pais is in many places rocky, with some bizarre volcanic formations that create the fascinating landscape alternating with small beaches of shells.

At the southern end of Mal Pais there is the small old fishing village that is also the basis for tours by boat around the the Nicoya Peninsula.

The maritime sanctuary of Cabo Blanco is a nursery for many aquatic species and from your boat you can watch dolphins, manta rays or whales. If you are into fishing, Malpais is a safe bet for a good catch as well as being for surfers and nature lovers. Along the main road, the parallel to the sea, you can find only a few small luxury villas and hotel accommodation, and a small shopping center and small groceries, if you want a place in a primitive state, Mal Pais offers a lifestyle detached from the chaos and bustle of modern life.

Playa Santa Teresa

The village of Playa Santa Teresa is one of the most evocative of the south coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. Famous spot for surfers from around the world, for the infinite and colorful sunsets from the beach, for small restaurants and hotels, as well as for large resort with all the luxuries and comforts.

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