One of the oldest cities of the whole American continent, now famous for its port which is the most important maritime access of the Country and of course famous for the huge banana production. The main Limon feature is to be completely different from all other cities of Costa Rica, as for the characteristic humid and muggy climate as for the fact of hosting the largest African-American community across the country which strongly distinguishes the atmosphere and culture. Famous for the carnival celebrated in the month of October and its nightlife.

Puerto Viejo

Small and colorful tourist village of Afro-Caribbean culture lying on the coast in a beautiful natural setting. It hosts very friendly and cheerful Rasta community, famous for reggae music and the more traditional calypso.

Playa Cahuita and Playa Manzanillo

Beautiful white sandy beaches where the coconut palms meet the still virgin jungle, and where you can observe many animals, like dolphins, sloths or parrots. The two villages although are populated by fishermen, they are developing very quickly, you can find any type of accommodation and food for all tastes.

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