The construction company Gruppo Barocco, direct partner of Living in Costa Rica, present in the country since 2005, specializes in the design and construction of residential, commercial and industrial areas in different regions of the Country. The main reason of this company is to adapt to its customers to meet their needs in all aspects related to quality and design, offering the best prices on the market, ensuring high standards of quality, safety and environmental protection.

Due to this, the company's slogan based on the concept created by the founder and shareholder of the company Eng. Adrián Navarro, is 'Because we believe in their future, we offer quality and safety for our customers in order to grow professionally through the efforts carried along together'.

Our architect Vittorio Petrosillo will take care of the preliminary field studies, three-dimensional design anti-projects, etc., to meet all your needs.

For further information, please contact us for free estimates.

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