Cartago was the old capital of Costa Rica, located 25 kilometers from the center of San Jose, at 1435 meters above sea level. Famous for the Basilica consecrated to Our Lady of the Angels and the pilgrimage that devotees make every year.

The Cathedral Basilica de Los Angeles

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels is consecrated to the Virgin of Nuestra Señora de los Angeles, a small representation of the Virgin Mary carrying the infant Jesus, said to have been discovered by a peasant girl in Cartago. The story goes that the little girl found the small statue on a rock and took it home. The next morning she found that the statue was not there but back at the rock, so she took it to the priest and he locked it in a small box. The next morning the statue was back at the rock. During the construction, the church was destroyed by earthquakes so many times, it was finally decided to move it to the location where the statue was found and they were able to finish construction. Many people think that the earthquakes were signs that the Lady of Los Angeles wanted the basilica built there. In August the Basilica is the object of extensive pilgrimage and visitation by about 2.5 million believers throughout the country, many of whom join in the celebrated 22-kilometer walk to the basilica during the Romería. Though many people start the pilgrimage from locations all over Costa Rica, some, as a demonstration of their piety, choose to crawl the 22 kilometers on their hands and knees.

The Ruins of Cartago

Volcano Irazú

Volcano Turrialba

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